Junior & PeeWee Racing

Power Wheels:  Age 5 and Under
PeeWees: Age 6 - 10
Juniors:  Age 11 – 16 (with no driver’s license)

Here are the SAFETY RULES:

1. Helmets are required by all drivers. Eye protection is required. 
2. Long sleeve shirt and pants required.
3. A kill switch or disconnect is required:
          a) A vehicle you sit in must have a kill switch the driver can reach.
          b) A vehicle you sit on must have a tether kill switch.
4. Vehicle must have functioning brakes
5. Vehicles must pass inspection.
6. Junior Racers must wear a fire suit if they are running alcohol or additives.
7. Seat belts are required for vehicles with cage. No cage must have tether switch.

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