Six Pak

Racing Spotlight - This 1972 Jeep called Six Pak was bought by John's father and past EC4WDA president Darrell Brown in 1973 used from Western Hills Jeep. Through the years it has become what it is today. Raced by his father and mother until 1981, this Family relic is still pounding the Sand Drags by second generation driver John Brown and 3rd generation driver DJ Brown, John's daughter. Still the same jeep but modified little by little. It can be found running "E" class, "D" class, or sometimes in "C" class with a pretty blue bottle. It is one of the few sand drag cars left running AMC inline six power and is proud to be waiving the AMC flag! Go Red, White and Blue!




Blake Cole

18 years of age. He runs with the Franklin County Four-Wheelers. He was first brought to Gravelrama by his parents. His dad influenced him to start racing at a very young age – his racing career began in the juniors class! By the time he was four, he was driving an alcohol injected go cart. Now he’s driving a full size truck. Specifically, it’s a 1974 Chevy with a 355 small block that runs good and is very consistent (does FANTASTIC in Bracket races). He won the 2011 Thursday night Bracket race with it – at 16 years old, 3 days after getting his drivers license…! He loves racing because it’s a family sport. His entire family and girlfriend, Cheyenne, race at Gravelrama. His greatest memory is from Gravelrama 41 in 2011, going over the Big Eliminator Hill for the first time – it was the first time ever accomplishing anything so big, he says. And he’s planning on doing it again this year. This one is one to watch for years to come!

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