Polaris RZR Side by Side!

EC4WDA will be raffling off a Polaris RZR side by side which will be given away in November at the EC4WDA Convention. Just think of how much fun you could have cruising around the Gravelrama® grounds or riding through the woods in this Polaris RZR. Tickets can be purchased during the Gravelrama® event at the EC4WDA booth for $5.00 a piece.


Henry Rifle, Kimber Pistol or $1,000 CASH!

The IOK 4-Wheelers Club will be selling tickets to win your choice of a Henry Big Boy Lever Action Rifle, Kimber Ultra Carry II Pistol or $1,000 in Cash! The firearms will be handled through Point Blank Shooting Range. Tickets can be purchased during the Gravelrama® event for $10.00 a piece at THE IOK 4-Wheelers booth next to the Tower.


Custom Gravelrama® 49 Fire Pit

The EC4WDA will also be raffling off a custom built Fire Pit with the Gravelrama® 49 logo cut out in it. The Fire Pit will look very similar to the photo on the right but with the logo cut in to it like the photo to the left of last year's winner. The custom cut outs in the Fire Pit will make for a cool look when they are lit up with the amber glow of a fire! Tickets can be purchased during the Gravelrama® event at the EC4WDA booth for a $1.00 a piece or 6 for $5.00.

racer ride along raffle!

Have you ever wonder what it's like to race down our drag strip or climb up the Big Eliminator Hill in one of these high powered race vehicles? Well this is your chance! You will get to feel the rumble of the engine, hear the roar of the exhaust and the g-force setting you back in your seat as you ride shotgun with these racers. The ride alongs will take place Saturday on the Flat Drags and on Sunday up the Big Eliminator Hill. We will be selling chances during the Gravelrama® event at the IOK 4-Wheelers booth located next to the tower. Ticket prices are 6 for $5.00 or an arms length of tickets for $25.00. Check out the drivers below!


Driver - Ryan Wilson

Vehicle Name - Special Edumacation

 Ryan Wilson, Steel Wilson Connection driver is a veteran at Gravelrama. At only 33 years old he’s been putting competitors on the trailer for decades. This truck, Special Edumacation screams down the track at Gravelrama every year! Ryan eats, sleeps, and breathes racing. Ryan can drive this beast at 90 mph, screaming at 9,400 rpms, scooting 300 feet in less than 4 seconds! 


Driver - Alex King

Vehicle Name - Sand Hawg

 “The racing itch started when my dad first bought the "SAND HAWG" brand new in 1978. He started to race about a year after driving it off the lot. He started racing obstacle course and traveled all around. Once I was old enough to understand what racing was, I was hooked. My dad and I do all the fabrication and work to the truck ourselves. I'm always pushing dad to make the truck faster every year. The truck is a 1979 Chevy Scottsdale one owner bought new in 1978, named the SAND HAWG, and is a very well-known truck down at Gravelrama. This truck has been to every single Gravelrama since Gravelrama 11. Next year will make it 40 consecutive years. Its unmistakable look and sound with the small block, stacked headers, and full body make this truck one of a kind. This truck will always be in the family and forever be a "Legend". 


Driver - Nathan Sneed

Vehicle Name - Nail It 2 Times

As a long time race veteran and current IOK 4-Wheelers Race Chairman, Nathan knows a thing or two about racing. He has been going fast since he was a young kid when he was racing in the Pee-Wee class here. His vehicle is fast and has a wheelie bar for a reason. Power by a 377 small block with a shot of nitrous this thing goes from zero to fast in a hurry. A fierce competitor but an amazingly nice guy Nathan is sure to provide a great experience for his ride along winner.