There is an immense amount of thought and planning that goes into all of our events throughout the year. We have made a lot of changes this year and are working with a lot of new partners. We are excited to put on exciting races and an amazing show this year but we don’t have all of the kinks ironed out just quite yet. You may notice some of our future events are not clickable just yet but don’t worry we are working diligently to bring all the information to you as soon as possible. We will be constantly adding and updating our website throughout the year so please stay tuned to find out more. Also please follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we will be posting updates on there as well.


Gravelrama® 49

The Main Event

There is so much that goes in to making Gravelrama® what it is. It is a culmination of an amazing group of dedicated volunteers, sponsors, racers, family, friends and of course the best fans anyone could ask for. Gravelrama® would not exist if it wasn’t for these people that come together every year to make it as fun and exciting as possible.

2019 Gravelrama® Schedule

Parade & Party Night Wednesday, August 21st


Call us old fashioned but we like to start off our race weekend with a good time. Nothing like a big parade in the heart of the town that is home to our sacred grounds.

*(To Be Determined)* Thursday, August 22nd


This year there are a lot of changes going on not only with Gravelrama® but with the club overall. Stay tuned for updates in the near future.

Up-Hill Class Drag Race Friday, August 23rd


Gravelrama’s® Up-Hill Drag Race is a one of a kind type of drag race. It‘s an exciting and intense race that will keep you on the  edge of your seat!

Class & Bob Black Races Saturday, August 24th


Do you like fast race cars and a lot of action? So do we! Some of these cars are capable of 0 - 100 mph in less than 3 seconds in only 300ft!!

Jr. Flat Drag Race & Big Eliminator Sunday, August 25th


When you combine a steep 4 story tall pea gravel hill and a powerful race car you get pure adrenaline. There is even a race for the kids!

Obstacle Course Race Monday, August 26th


It’s exciting just thinking about racing around a course with tight turns, wide open stretches and jumps but it’s even more exciting to see it in person!