There is an immense amount of thought and planning that goes into all of our events throughout the year. We have made a lot of changes this year and are working with a lot of new partners. We are excited to put on exciting races and an amazing show this year but we don’t have all of the kinks ironed out just quite yet. You may notice some of our future events are not clickable just yet but don’t worry we are working diligently to bring all the information to you as soon as possible. We will be constantly adding and updating our website throughout the year so please stay tuned to find out more. Also please follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we will be posting updates on there as well.



Gravelrama® 49

More than 300 racers from more than 30 states along with several provinces in Canada bring thousands of family, friends and fans to a small village in Cleves, Ohio every August. The entire 4 day weekend is full of fun and excitement for family and friends of all ages. Check out our Gravelrama® page for more information on the main event that makes all of the other events possible.


2019 Race Events

Gravelrama® has more than just the Gravelrama® event to offer. The I.O.K. 4 Wheelers club hosts several other races throughout the year including SXS Races, Obstacle Course Races, Fast Car Index Races, Uphill Drag Racing, Bracket Style Drag Races and even races for the younger generation. Check out the 2019 Race Events page to get more details on all of our races throughout the year.


Junior Race Events

Most of our events may appear to be directed just towards the adults but that is far from the reality. We host several events throughout the year, besides Gravelrama®, that Junior racers also get to participate in. We know that the future of racing is the youth and for that reason we encourage their participation as much as possible. We very much enjoy watching them grow into determined, strong minded individuals with a passion for something they enjoy just as much as us. Check out our Junior Race Events page to see more information about our events that involve junior racers.


IOK Swap Meet

Friday, October 11th - Sunday, October 13th

7:00 AM

Upper Campground

Event Details

IOK Swap Meet

Friday, October 11th - Sunday, October 13th

Looking for specific race, truck or Jeep parts? Want to get rid of those parts collecting dust in your garage? Come check out our swap meet where you will find a friendly crowd with all kinds of things to sell and trade.


7:00 AM

Upper Campground

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