Side By Side / Wheel 2 Wheel Rules & Regulations

Race Length

—1 Hot Lap

—2 Lap Heat Race

—5 Lap Feature Race

Race Finish

—The race officially ends for all contestants at the completion of the lap in which a checkered flag is displayed. Each competitor will be allowed to finish the lap they are on.

Points Per Race

—Show up points -25 points when you pay entry fee

—5 points awarded for every leading lap in first place position

—Points for placing for each feature race

  • ​1st awarded 25 points
  • 2nd awarded 20 points
  • 3rd awarded 15 points
  • 4th awarded 10 points
  • 5th awarded 5 points

Wheel 2 Wheel Classes

Jeeps, Broncos, Blazers, etc.

  • 6-cylinder stock
  • 8-cylinder stock
  • Modified Buggy class TBA
  • Rock Bouncer class (Ultra bouncer unlimited) TBA

**Stock is stock appearing, engine, bumpers, doors, etc.… slight suspension alteration is okay. If it’s questionable ask in tech (Jamie or Tommy)

**Remember it take 3 to make a class!!!!  We will work with you and find a place for you to race.

Side by Side Classes

  • 800cc
  • 1000cc stock
  • Unlimited
  • Utility class -stock, age 35 and older
    This class will only happen if enough racers show up. This class is more of a laid back class for Utility SxS owners that still want to get out and have fun.

**Remember it take 3 to make a class!!!!  We will work with you and find a place for you to race.

Youth Classes

—Any production single seat side-by-side or off-road go kart with a maximum of 175 CC’s.

—Examples are; RZR 170, Cazador 170, Pitster 150, Hammer Head 150, etc...

—Drivers must be between 6 and 15 years of age.

General Rules


—We race under yellow flag, keep eyes open

—If you go out of bounds or hit a cone on your own during feature race, you will lose your 25 show up points for that race

—If you stop on the track twice, you’re done. Take it to the trailer. Includes roll overs, stalls, etc.… Yellow flag will be brought out and the race will continue under caution until wreckage is cleared by spotters

**All the above rules are left to the discretion and official judgement by racing officials!!!!

Tire Changing Rules

—There will be a designated spot on the course to change your tires. Only the driver and co-driver are permitted to change tires.


**This rule is mainly for the car side; however, this rule is for EVERYONE!

General Vehicle Set-up

All vehicles will be required to meet the IOK SXS/ W2W series minimum safety standards to race. These include:

  • 1-2.5lb Fire Extinguisher
  • Seat belts (4-5-point harness suggested)
  • Driver and co-driver must have helmets
  • A head light and must remain on during night races
  • Window nets or arm restraints are suggested
  • Long pants (no cut off sleeves) and shoes
  • Only one passenger/ Co-driver
  • Vehicle numbers must be visible and in high contrast to paint scheme. Numbers must remain visible during race for scoring. Numbers should be big and no smaller than 16 inches in height and no narrower than 1 inch in width. Numbers must be on 3 sides of racer
  • Solid hard top preferred but not required
  • Loud horn recommended to be in working order at time of race start
  • Eye Protection required
  • Vehicles may be tested by race officials any time before, during, and after the event
  • We recommend roll bars, or roll cages, and driving suits or jackets
  • An 8-inch hoop to protect radiator is allowed mounted to stock bumper as seen in the picture below